I could have been happily working with the already super fulfilling Body – Mind – Heart Coherence model except that it was not complete yet.

There was an aspect of which I did not dare to talk about because I was convinced that I would be seen as a nutcase 🥜

The kind of sentences that were rushing through my thoughts (and these are the nicer ones):

“What a pity, she looked like someone relatively sane before…”

“Well here we go, another spiritual tree hugger”

And while I was already for decades a vivid tree hugger 🌳 and felt relatively normal in other situations too, the thought of being this vulnerable and potentially judged BIG TIME, woohoo was freakin’ frightening!!

Soon I understood, that there is no way around this, I have to talk about the energetic aspects of who we are, how we show up in the world, how we energetically connect with each other and with the forces of life.

Especially because the energetic dimension is giving a whole other level to the Body – Mind – Heart Coherence model…

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