mamas and babies

❤️ Pregnancy Yoga 

Gentle movements to keep our transforming bodies in shape from the 14th week until the delivery.

I absolutely adore expecting mamas. In my eyes, the entire 9-month journey to motherhood is a miracle. Being able to witness the ladies week by week on their path to motherhood is beautiful, inspiring, and deeply moving.

In our classes, we take care of the thoughts, soothe the emotions, balance the energies, and ease the body.

We learn to identify and move our pelvic floor muscles, we focus on our breathing and posture, and conclude each session with relaxation.

All of this is done while maintaining a loving connection with our babies ❤️

I only offer live, offline prenatal yoga classes because pregnant ladies are very precious to me, and I want to ensure they perform all exercises correctly!

You can book a private session, which is also available for you and your partner, or join one of the weekly, small group classes.

Classes are held every Monday afternoon in Oostende at De Loft Yoga, and every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning in Brugge at the vroedvrouwenpraktijk Moederthuis.

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❤️ Doula

As a Birthing Doula I support mamas and their loved ones through the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I hold space for your processes, and I accompany you with emotional, mental, energetic and physical support on your entire journey to motherhood.

You can reach out when you feel temporarily down, insecure, afraid or when you just find yourself worrying about little or big things.

From the 37th week onwards I am day and night available to be by your side by your birthing process.

I bring along my positivity, and my gentle strength to help you through the marathon of birthing a baby. My goal is to make sure everything around you is safe and peaceful for you to focus on these special hours before you can finally hold your baby in your arms!

I take pictures of the process if you want, and I bring along my homeopathy and aromatherapy knowledge alongside my wonder-box of remedies 🎁

As your Doula I can not execute any medical activity, meaning I cannot check your blood pressure, monitor your baby’s heartbeat, or do any kinds of examinations. My role is uniquely to provide you physical, mental and emotional comfort & support.

There are 2 different packages you can choose from, Mama Goddess and Mama Goddess Gold, get in touch with me to see which one fits you and your needs the best!

❤️ Baby – Mama Yoga 

Oh, dear, how precious it is to see the babies whose journey to this wonderful world I had the privilege to witness in their mama’s belly for weeks and months in the pregnancy yoga classes🙏🏼

Coming back with your little ones, or coming along for the first time, to do recovery yoga is an act of self love as well as an experience of the fun ways you can combine me time with baby time. 

We focus on our posture, on stretching and strengthening our recovering body after the marathon of giving birth. Yes, we also take special care of our pelvic floor muscles!

We do everything in contact with our babies, and we also give a little massage to them (only in the small babies group).

At the end of the class we relax together with our babies. Although it is sometimes a creative relaxation 😁  you will see that actually it is really doable to yoga with your baby at home!

It is also nice to connect with other mama’s and babies, going through the same phases as you do, to share your concerns and find expert advice to your questions!

The Baby – Mama yoga classes are held every 2nd month on Wednesday mornings in Brugge at the vroedvrouwenpraktijk Moederthuis and on Saturday mornings in Oostende at De Loft Yoga in May en Juni

In the small babies group, you may participate from 7 weeks after the birth until your baby is 7 months old. In the bigger babies group, we welcome the little explorers between 8 and 18 months 😊

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❤️ ​Aromatherapy

For many of us, the time of pregnancy is when we first start to consider natural and side-effect-free solutions as an alternative to Western medicine.

During the nine months of pregnancy, we sometimes experience discomforts and minor pains. Aromatherapy can provide gentle yet effective relief for these issues. It not only offers a quick way to feel better, both physically and emotionally, but also provides a delightful sensory experience.

Pure, high-quality essential oils can offer support also throughout labor and recovery.

Furthermore we can use a range of etheric oils with our babies too! With a dose of common sense and with the right dilution guidelines, there are many proven and gentle recipes to ease the most common discomforts for our babies.

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used form as early as 2 weeks onwards to help with sleepless nights, ease painful digestion, teething and many more.

The best thing? With having a wisely selected set of essential oils always at hand, our whole entire family, young & old can benefit from the best of Earth’s healing garden!

Reach out to participate in the monthly Pregnancy Essentials & Baby Essentials workshop!

The workshops are organised both in Brugge at the vroedvrouwenpraktijk Moederthuis and in Oostende at De Loft Yoga.

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