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Hi I'm Barbara

energetic doula and truth-seer.

I help people like you resolve situations and events that have been consistent energetic drains on your life and your work.

When you don’t have the answers you need, your brain, your heart, and your mind stay focused and intend to work on those problems, even when you are not aware of it.

Fatigue, overwhelm, numbness or stress all can be manifestations of these unresolved issues that leak your energy and pull you away from being and living as your best.

Receiving the answers that have alluded you, can move everything in you, it restores your vitality, it reintegrates your energy and sets you on the path to lasting balance and happiness.

Situations I’ve helped clients with range from relationships that have gone sour, business decisions that needed to made, family traumas and secrets which kept members ruminating, mothers who have disconnected from their children, and more.

The crossroads that you’re at don’t have to keep sapping your energy and draining your life.

You deserve answers and solutions that serve your highest good and I can help you reach them.

Whether you are seeking clarity on your life path or looking for intuitive business consulting support, or "just" want to learn to release your headaches & migraines, I am excited to be your guide!

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Barbara helped me with a personal problem in a way that was completely different from other professionals I went to.

    She instantly felt and understood the problem and could outline a framework so that I could realize and accept my situation.

    Her voice is so loving and her words come from her heart and not from the thinking head and there is a huge difference.

    She can very quickly point out the problem and suggests solutions and give advice. Barbara is very empathic and goes to the core of the problem in such a way that I immediately felt a huge relief and acceptance.

    My body felt so much lighter afterward. The day after I already experienced a change.

    I truly recommend Barbara.

    Maxine C. – Belgium
  • I met Barbara 1,5 years ago and I experienced her as one of the most powerful intuitive business coaches that I know.

    She feels into your story and your answers to her questions and she touches and clarifies every single thing that is not aligned with your true purpose.

    One coaching with her made me realize that my business plans relied too much on old patterns and ego structures and she inspired me to stay true to a journey of soulful entrepreneurship.

    I highly recommend working with her!

    Les V. – Belgium
  • Hoe fijn is het als je weet dat je bij iemand terecht kan als het binnenin even onweert.

    Bij iemand met een grote wijsheid, een sterke intuïtie en een warme persoonlijkheid. Barbara is zo iemand.

    Met haar warme stem en liefdevolle aanwezigheid creëert ze in no time de rust die je op dat moment nodig hebt.

    Vanuit haar hart en intuïtie geeft ze nieuwe inzichten, die je aan het denken zetten en klaarheid scheppen.

    Haar concrete oefeningen geven je de tools om zelf de harmonie in body en mind te herstellen, om te leren omgaan met je gedachten en gevoelens en te leren loslaten. Om zo je focus te bepalen. Om terug balans te vinden. Om dichter bij je zelf te komen. En van daaruit nieuwe stappen te kunnen zetten.

    Ongelooflijk merci Barbara. Higly recommended!

    Liesbeth M. - België
  • Translation of Liesbeth's testimonial:

    How nice it is to know you can always rely on someone when there is a storm raging inside you.

    Someone with great wisdom, strong intuition and warm personality. Barbara is someone like that.

    With her warm voice and loving presence she creates the peace and the quiet you need in no time.

    She will give you new insights which will make you think and will give you clarity.

    Her concrete exercises provide you with the tools to re-establish harmony in body and soul, to learn how to deal with your thoughts and feelings, and on how to let go. To find your focus, to find your balance. To get closer to your core self. To be able to make new steps.

    A big thank you Barbara. Highly recommended!

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