What makes us or breaks us is connection.

First and foremost, the connection with ourselves. Then the connection with our parents, and through them with our entire clan, generations, and generations up. Then the connections we make with our children and loved ones.

Even if we know where and why we have disturbances within the family system, we often don’t know how to bring back lasting inner peace and harmony. Then we spend a ton of time trying to solve everything ourselves. Or if we go to therapy more often than not all the good concepts we learn stay purely on the cognitive level.

No wonder that in many cases one-dimensional therapies can not help in fully resolving our problems.

All situations we went through in our lives happened and left their marks simultaneously in our minds, heart, and body.

Therefore it is crucial to connect the MIND the HEART and the BODY when it comes to releasing:

💥💥inner blocks

💥limiting beliefs

💥physical discomforts

💥heavy emotions

💥chronic fatigue

💥work or business advancement-related tensions, you name it!

The reason why we have persistent or recurring problems in our lives is that most likely no one taught us how to handle or work them out from each level of our being in a coherent and integrated way!

I had to learn this the hard way, but it was not in vain. It required integrating the 3 levels, which I could not find ready-made, so I tuned in and developed the Body – Mind – Heart Coherence method!

Read the next blog post to see how my method got elevated to its next level!

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