Cellular Level Relaxation to Experience the Joy of Original Idea & Love Flow

The Body ~ Mind ~ Heart Coherence method is much like a luxurious spa experience, where all our senses are filled up with care for details and perfection towards the overarching goal of rejuvenation.

The mental bubble bath dissolves any tensed or inflexible thoughts so that new possibilities and inspiration can fill up the space. Just like a great massage, the guided relaxation calms and energizes the entire body to facilitate cell level regeneration.

I hold a gentle yet powerful space for your internal processes to feel safe and accepted so that you can allow yourself to soften up the emotional armour built around present or past situations. When the energy stored in such situations gets reintegrated into your own energy flow in a gentle and compassionate way, any goal, project, or endeavour will gain a secret source of power!

Handling negative emotions with the Body ~ Mind ~ Heart Coherence Method

Besides its deep relaxation and rejuvenation capacity the Body ~ Mind ~ Heart Coherence Method proved its effectiveness in handling heavy, recurring, negative or depleting emotions. 

The core of the Method is a step by step process, via which one learns to allow these emotions to surface, then learns to look into them to find their purpose and last but not least learns to release them with specific Body ~ Mind ~ Heart exercises. 

The “Body part” involves conscious breathing and VERY easy yoga inspired poses, both in full body and in a micro-pose version, which makes these moves straightforward to do anytime, anywhereThe “Heart part” is taking care of the emotional allowing while the “Mind part” is responsible for coordinating the steps to manage the overall situation. It does takes a bit of time – usually less than 4 months, with meeting 1x per week – to train ourselves to the above, until the release of these often recurring heavy emotions becomes a routine. 

While method does not promise you to completely remove these emotions from your experience but it does allow you to handle them with less and less effort, force or pain..

At the next level of the Method about 2 months into working together you gain the capacity to grab the handle even before these heavy emotions take over you by identifying the leading triggers! This is the beauty of the method, because it basically gives the control back to you over your life, emotions, energy!


To apply for the Body ~ Mind ~ Heart Coherence Method experience, send a quick message here below and I will get back to you within 24 hours! Thank you.