A year and a half ago a deeply emotional, now I can say a truly life-changing event made me realize my psychic abilities.

It came to me without wanting or asking for it…

My intuition got clear and precise. My ability to tune into the energetics of ANY situation got magnified, multiplied many many times ..

This situational claircognizance allows me not only to FEEL everything about any given situation but to KNOW why everything is happening or happened the way it did. In those moments the real purpose of the situation shines crystal clear to me.

On top of this, I also KNOW how is everyone who is involved in the story, how do they view the situation from their own perspective and why exactly in that way.

Thanks to this deep and laser lucid knowing, I can channel down the keys to understanding and resolving ANY problematic situations be it personal or business-related…

The best I could describe this so far is that I can connect to the higher consciousness of the person who is asking for help, and channel down the purpose of their specific situation, the solution as well as the practical details of how to solve the presenting problem…

Now to be clear I don’t get into trans or start to host any ghosts, and I also refrain from turning my eyes to yellow or bigger than a plum ūüėā

By now, I have been helping many with this gift I have been given, with truly amazing results.

As a consequence of the channeling and/or healing session, the necessary energetic shifts happen instantly. When my clients follow the given suggestions, the internal and external harmony of the situation gets restored, and even long-standing problems start to resolve or get miraculously out of the way sometimes within hours!!!

If you have a pressing problem or feel like you are stuck in a stagnant situation, which you would like to solve, book your free Magical Tune-In‚ú® session, and let’s see the message in the mess you experiencing‚Ķ

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