Manage the STRESSors in your private and professional environment without needing to control people and outcomes ...

VIP Intensive Days

The hidden danger that costs your energy, happiness, health as well as your professional success … and how the ex business consultant built a method of finding your peace of mind in a matter of minutes. How? By adjusting your mindset and leveraging the innate capacity of your body to change, with just a few VIP Intensive Days.

Staying calm and focused isn’t easy nowadays, especially if you live in cities, have intense work or have a lot of issues to deal with. Statistics show that the western population, especially in the past 2 years, got hammered by insecurity, worry and ever-rising stress, primarily finance and health-related.

What would you need to calm down and be able to refocus and feel better?

To a moment of peace in your thoughts, a heartbeat of ease under your skin and a strait forward, effective destress code to your mind. Do you want to know how can you stop the debilitating stress and the need of control you battle with? 

How can productivity become steadily high, even rise while under stress? 

By fine-tuning your stress markers to the ideal level. Once you work on a close to ideal stress level, your productivity increases without depleting your energies or overusing your mind, heart or body. Ever wondered where is your ideal stress level set?

You want to take your eyes away from this stat, right?

Staying in denial is an option of course. Giving yourself over to fear or apathy is another. Do you instead want to take responsibility for your life and experiences and be the exception?

For the past 30 years studies confirm that being stressed is the main reason for unhappiness. Relationships slowly crack under steady stress and stumble or break in intensely stressful periods.

Relationships also cause stress where our health takes the toll. You know all this.

Every family suffers from the stress of a relatives, but especially young children who are 4 times more susceptive to anxiety in later life growing up in a family where self governance is not practiced.

Fact; you need to reduce stress if you want to find balance and happiness in your life and if you want your surroundings not needing to suffer from your personal issues. 

You also know that the only person who can do anything about the stress you are experiencing is you. It’s not your boss, it is not your mum or dad, not your partner or children or anyone, anything else.

By the way, when you realise this, life starts to become a little less complex, isn’t it?

The control, is over yourself. That is Self Governance. So, you know all this, but just not sure how exactly you can achieve to live with less stress and more Self Governance in harmony with the ever changing circumstances of life.

Surveys show one of the most significant life challenges: 85% find it challenging to stay in Self Governance, and 60% say they can’t lower or manage their stress in a consistent and healthy way.

What does that even mean? That most have severe issues when it comes to how to manage their stress, because they turn to the only seemingly working method: control. 

But there is one big issue with control. The only person you can effectively and truly control is yourself. No one or nothing else. You know this of course and still in stress situations you are just trying to control what you can, and because it is not much you get even more stress… You get the picture?

On the other hand, as soon as you are gaining control over yourself and hence your stress, you can lead your life in a more balanced and peaceful way.

But there’s a catch.The fact that you are aware of the control paradox usually and unfortunately does not mean that from this moment onwards you will do differently or better when facing with stress.

Why? Because you have fired the same neuro pathways in your brain about a million times before when facing with stress which wired and fired those connections in a way that this became your automatic response, the robot pilot instant solution by now.

Wanna get out of this trap?

Hear, hear.

I came up with a solution for people like you who would like to gain control over their mind, influence their body and open their heart to help you manage your stress whilst stopping to beat yourself up or wanting to control everything and everybody around them by following their old and not truly serving patterns in just a few days with my VIP Intensive days.

My clients gain peace of mind, in a well functioning body with a cheerful heart and outlook on the future. They experience rising productivity while creating the life-work balance of their dreams with a very special understanding of energetic that serves them trough their lifetime.

What are these VIP Intensive Days?

These are highly effective, laser-focused consultations from online mind-body-heart audit, basic, advanced and pro level of energetic mastery (not the woowoo manifesting stuff but the understanding of personal energy and the optimal use of it), stress management from mind – body – heart perspective, instant stress release methods & unique guided relaxations. We work together to increase your Self Governance through the various aspects of your being. With the VIP Intensive Days, I charge at a flat day rate. 

At the moment, there are six different services that all build on each other and ‘ideally’, you go through them to get the optimal results.

It’s a given that you might not need all, and I still wait to see a person who wouldn’t find these steps beneficial regarding their wellbeing.

here's the core info, for the deets just scroll down

mind - body - heart audit

body the amazing

“Discover yourself, understand what you do and why you do it, be patient and compassionate, especially in the midst of your challenges, but most importantly never lose sight of the fact that you are mind-body-heart & energy all at the same time.” – Barbara Soltész

The selection of the VIP Intensive Days


An audit day to help you identify your habitual stress level and set up your optimal one.

I’m looking at your stress coping mechanisms, how you talk about your triggers, how deep is your awareness and self-knowledge from these angles;

The clarity: do you recognise  when on the runway to heightened tension, just before it takes a toll on your thinking, physical state and emotions? Into what extend can you predict your stress coming/rising? How often does it block your productivity and what happens when it accelerates it and why? 

Strategy: what do you do when you feel your stress is rising? What are your habitual go to solutions to ease your tension? How efficiently can you implement them? 

Control: who is in control when you are stressed? How  quickly can you gain back your personal power?

Ideal scenario: Do you know  your ideal stress level? Yes, there is such thing as an ideal stress level 😉 where we perform best and with least effort. How to know “where” your ideal stress level is? How to get there and most importantly stay there?

By the end of the day, you’ll know the gaps in your habitual stress responses and what steps you should follow to increase your energy, productivity and wellbeing, and let go of irritability, anger outbursts, or apathy and start living your life on the next level.


MIND the gap - your mindset matters

Mindset day to become aware of the thought patterns that slowing down your success. 

Once you become aware of your habitual thought patterns and “fav” recurring scenarios you mentally linger on you have choices.

When you have choices and a higher level of consciousness, you can take decisions which positively influence the way you think, feel and are.

Making conscious decisions also means that you are assuming responsibility for yourself and for your life experiences.

If calibrated well, assuming this responsibility enables your to change what does not make you happy right now in your life. Without drama, guilt, shame or worries.

This is the day to get aquatinted with the seed of your consciousness, to start the mental decluttering and to learn how to empower and manage yourself within life’s constantly changing circumstances!


The amazing tales of the BODY

A body-focused day to elevate your body consciousness so that you can instantly destress

Become aware of how you feel in your body when you are stressed and how the hormons of stress are changing your body physiology.

Every memory of your whole entire life is experienced therefore coded into your body. Each and every cells of your being hold the imprints of every moment, situation good or bad within.

Learn to release the un-serving memories from deep  under your skin.

Ground yourself through all age-all stage compatible somatic exercises and beginner safe breath work.

Ease into a guided relaxation and experience the calming down of your central nervous system.

Learn how the central nervous system holds one of the 5 main golden keys to our life experiences and how you can influence it in order to live in happiness, harmony and bliss.


not for the faint HEARTed

A heart – focused day to know how to step out of the emotional rollercoaster.

Become aware of how your heart and your emotions react to stress. 

Get clarity about how repressed or avoided feelings join forces with  – almost forgotten – traumas and holding you hostage of the circumstances, places and people of the past.

Learn how to deal with difficult emotions from your past or present reality, and how to Let Finally Go to stop riding on emotional rollercoasters!

Then experience the potency of “The Heart Opening sequence” to feel and be grounded, wanted and  balanced.



ENERGY Mastery - the elixir of life

An Energy focused day is to recognise the part of you everyone senses and reacts to

Become aware of your own personal energy and how it arrives to your meetings even before you set foot at the door.  

Understand the energetic imprint of others and learn the basic principle of human interactions from an energy point of view.

Become a conscious Guard of your own energy and grow your capacity to hold harmonise its fluctuations.

Obtain the sequence of steps to refill your energy and enthusiasm whenever you need it.

And last but least learn to protect yourself from situations, people, circumstances that are draining your energy away.


INTEGRATION - Crack the Code

The Integration day is designed to become literally unstoppable, receive the support to connect with the BEST version of you.

The mother of all knowledge is practice because your life gets better and better with integrating all the new practices you have learned in the Body, Mind, Heart & Energy VIP days.

We’ll put you in the driver’s seat, and you’ll start to put in practice all previously found information and learned methods.

Trough this day all the principles we discussed of body – mind – heart and energy forms a new framework around both your past experiences, your current life challenges and of your future plans and dreams.

The integration is the real deal, besides a really fun part of the process, truly empowering!

By the end of the day, you’ll experience multiple ways of how to stay in your power NO MATTER WHAT!



Why would you need my help when you did already a lot of work on yourself and even had a shrink before?

I know you might work intensively on yourself, doing ALL THE THINGS you are supposed to do, and still the self sabotage, the frustration and the stress just creeps back in to your day to day experience and the big breakthrough just didn’t happen.

Suppose you hate wasting your time by just finding yourself in the same or strangely similair situations in your life.

How would you feel, when you experience more balance, confidence, and flow carrying you trough situations, discussions, and important moments with much greater ease, because you have learned how to reduce your stress forever within just a few days flat?

Who am I?

And I’m Barbara Soltesz; an international business consultant with a couple of MBAs turned stress management expert.

I’ve helped clients re-establish harmony in their thoughts and emotions, which revitalise their bodies to resolve fatigue, overwhelm or stress that pulled them away from being and living their best.

How could you use these VIP Intensive days?

For example, in sales enablement.

I can teach your sales team how to reduce their stress so that they can focus on their targets and goals without going mad or burning out. Or teach your whole group how to detect each others rising stress so that situations will not escalate and be solved in a cordial and efficient, no drama manner.

Or you could book me to guide your marketing team to do the same. In a way that brings leads and sales.

Of course, you must have the desire to look after your team and their wellbeing so that they also want to look after you and your interests. To get the results and the numbers you’re after. There’s no magical solution, and no one can succesfully skip the steps I listed above. Although, if you and your team already have high level of self-governance and an excellent grasp of the areas ‘before’ the Energy focused VIP day, we can start from there.

You can give your team a knowledge of a lifetime with an unbiased, Activator’s ears, eyes and brain for a few days to change the stress level of your team forever.

What people are saying


Now at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about spending a day or few with me… But there also might still be some questions holding you back from making the right decision for you and your business.

I want to help answer that for you now 😊

💡 This is a valid question and yes, I’m sure given enough time you could teach yourself how to reduce your stress and lead a life you would like to live.

It took me about 30 years at universities, other educating bodies and in business to learn this and costs me over 6 figures to be able to teach you this. So, yeah you might be, but it may take up some of your time…

But honestly, if you haven’t yet are you going to now?

💡 Such a great question…

I want to tell you that these VIP Intensive Days usually work best for smart and fun coaches, consultants, service providers or sales, marketing or leadership teams.


💡 Because I’ve been there, done that, know what you’re going through, know the ups and the downs of stress, trauma, understand you and your business and know the pains of wanting to change our life for the better.

I want to put you in ease that I ‘actually’ have a method and I’m not afraid of using it 😊

💡 It all depends how much you want to change your situation, yours circumstances. If BIG time, with dedication and conviction then it will all go smoothly. Because no, it does not have to be hard before it becomes easy!

Will these experience take you out your comfort zone?

Quite probably, YES. But isn’t that where all the best stuff happens? Isn’t that what progress is about?

Will you be challenged? Again, quite probably YES. Will you progress? YES, if you put the work in AND take actions.

Will it be easy? When you look back, it’ll seem easy(ish).

💡 Yep, I totally get where you’re coming from! There are so many “hoaxes” and “cons” out there.

The big difference with my methods is that I actually have knowledge. I have the structure that builds on each other and heavily relies on science. This isn’t something I whipped up in my living room thinking how great this sounds.

I show you the steps we’ll follow, basically giving you a complete system of our human experience. And I’m doing this because I know what I do and know this stuff works.

So assuming you’re prepared to do the work, you’ll have my knowledge in the VIP Intensive Days to implement.


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